Pacific Historic Parks

Pacific Historic Parks is on a mission. We know that history is important—that it needs to be protected, researched, preserved, and passed on to future generations. Through donations, memberships, and proceeds from our stores, we ensure this is accomplished.

We support the National Park Service at four sites throughout the Pacific—from Kalaupapa to the USS Arizona Memorial, from Guam to Saipan—and ensure that they have the funds they need for important education and interpretive programs.

A veteran pays tribute at the USS Arizona Memorial
A veteran pays tribute at the USS Arizona Memorial

Since the organization's founding in 1979, we've become a trusted NPS partner, providing our parks with countless hours of staff support and millions of dollars in aid. Our work touches the lives of school children, WWII veterans, Pearl Harbor Survivors, local communities, and a continually growing number of park visitors.

We invite you to explore each of the National Park sites that we serve—read more about the projects we're currently funding and visit our online store for gifts, books, and commemorative items. If you'd like to help us continue our mission, consider volunteering, becoming a member, or making a donation. If you would like to receive updates about our work, please consider joining our email list. Most of all, we hope to see you at our parks!