Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Tours

The National Park Service, in partnership with Pacific Historic Parks, has created a Pearl Harbor mobile app to enhance the visitor experience at World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument as well as bring the Memorial to those unable to visit. Through the power of technology, the app will be available to anyone in the world interested in the USS Arizona Memorial and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor VR Tours app includes three new virtual reality experiences, available at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and through iTunes or Google Play:

  • Walk the Decks of the Arizona Battleship Before the Attack
  • Witness the Attack on Battleship Row
  • Experience the USS Arizona Memorial

To get the app, search for "Pearl Harbor VR Tours" in iTunes or Google Play. You will need a Google compatible Virtual Reality Viewer for this 3D experience. We offer a limited edition Pearl Harbor Google Cardboard viewer at our Pearl Harbor store and online.

If you are planning to visit the USS Arizona Memorial and would like the experience the virtual reality tours at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, you can book your VR tours in advance online.

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